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December 23, 2016

Is online gambling really a safe activity? Sure, an online casino is often more convenient than land-based one but can one trust that the online environment is just as safe? Aren’t most online activities more dangerous than face-to-face entertainment?

If you are like most adults, you probably have visited a land-based casino. However, you may not have visited an online one. The number one reason people do not visit online casinos is “lack of trust”. E-commerce, in general, has a bad reputation – much of it fuelled by sensational media hype. It is far more comfortable for the consumer to go to an old-fashioned brick and mortar store where they can feel and touch the products and talk to a real human being. But don’t be too quick to dismiss the Internet – it is a vast universe with many legitimate businesses that are growing in number daily and that provide excellent customer service and products. Nestled amongst these businesses reside a few quality online casinos.

Although Internet casinos are currently illegal in the United States there are a number of reputable sites where online gambling is legal. Just as the state of Nevada made a choice to legalize gambling, many countries around the world have legalized the business of online casinos. Examples include:

* Antigua

* Australia

* Costa Rica

* Gibraltar

* Kanawhake, Canada

* Netherlands Antilles

* Norfolk Island

* UK and Isle of Man

In these areas of the world not only do online casinos exist but also often large corporations own these casinos. These are corporations, which like any other business, are governed by the policies of the stock exchange where their stock is currently traded. Better business policies are enforced. WilliamHill.com [http://www.willhill.com/iibs/EN/sportsbook.asp?aff=a59131Z] is one example of a legitimate online casino business. Registered in England they offer betting options that range from sporting events to poker and bingo. The shareholders in William Hill monitor their company just as stringently as the shareholders in any of the large Las Vegas establishments.

Wagering in an e-commerce casino is much different than walking into your local betting hall with a handful of cash in your hand. Credit cards and e-wallets are common denominators amongst many online casinos. And they bring their own element of risk for the gambler. Internet credit card fraud has been rampant since the birth of e-commerce. While many shoppers are nervous to use their cards for any online purchase the reality is that consumers have little to worry about. In fact, most of the online payment companies boast more robust security measures than many banks. This combined with the fact that credit card companies themselves have an obligation to the cardholder to not allow fraudulent charges makes online commerce very secure. Articles on how consumers can protect themselves both online and in-person abound and are recommended reading for anyone who is savvy with their purchases in this day and age.

However, there is an element of risk to both in-person and online gamblers today. Amongst the thousands of online Casinos, there are a number of fraudulent behaviours documented. Two of the most commonly reported behaviours are refusal to pay withdrawals and cheating software. Again the key is for the consumer to make him or herself aware of those online businesses that engage in unsavoury behaviour. The best way to protect oneself is by becoming familiar with online casino player community. The community quickly labels an online casino that engages in fraudulent behaviour as a rogue casino.

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